The Arrogant Butcher

The Arrogant Butcher is amazing! I have been here twice now and I have loved everything! By far the best appetizer ever is their handmade soft pretzel bites with provolone fondue. Seriously.

I tried a new drink this time, the Candlestick Maker, and it was delicious!

Candlestick Maker

  • Maker's Mark 46 Bourbon
  • Lemon
  • Thatcher Spiced Apple
  • Honey
  • Angostura

I even went for dessert this time because it was a lovely night out to see Bill Maher and I figured, what hell? I've gotta walk a mile to the theatre anyway!

I ordered the Warm Peanut Butter Cup Chocolate Gelato... OH. MY. GOD. The warm peanut butter cup was soft and fluffy and the ice cold chocolate gelato in the middle was amazing with it! Honestly. One of the best desserts EVER!

If you live in Arizona and you haven't been to The Arrogant Butcher yet, do it and do it quickly! Also, CALL ME and I'll go with you!