Get Ready to Vote!

I know, I know, a post about the importance of voting? In October? What?! Whatever, you don't have to read it, but if you do, please know that you have to vote on November 6th!

As with all elections, but it just seems moreso that last 2 elections, the outcome of this election will greatly impact your everyday lives. No, really, it will. Now, I may take it a little more seriously since I live in batshit crazy town, Arizona, and we're kind of a big joke all over the country, but I'm hopeing that will change this year!

Those three votes are the most important votes you can make in Arizona this year! Now, obviously, the Presidential vote is a biggie because, you know, I'm a lady and I like to be in control of my lady business, so obviously, I'm voting for Obama/Biden. Also, I'm a Type 1 Diabetic (HEELLLOOOO Pre-Existing Condition), so Obama/Biden. Separation of church and state? Yep, Obama/Biden. Especially after the Vice Presidential debate, when both candidates were asked about their Catholic faith and beliefs and how that impacts their personal and public lives, and Ryan said, "I don't see how anyone can separate their public life from their personal life." THIS IS THE PROBLEM WITH YOU, PAUL RYAN. Your personal life should not impact your policy-making public life at all! Your beliefs do NOT reflect the beliefs of everyone in this country. They don't even directly reflect the beliefs of your running mate, Mitt Romney. So, you see, Paul Ryan? Freedom of religion is great and all, but you need to leave it out of the government! Student Loan debt out the wazoo? Obama/Biden. As I'm sure you can see, there's kind of a pattern here. Obama/Biden, anyone?

Now, the vote for United States Senator is a little trickier, but if Carmona wins, (the race is SUPER close) and he beats out the 6-term senator, Jeff Flake, then that would also help the Dems keep control of Congress, which is a must. With the vote for Sheriff of Maricopa County, this one has always confused me as to why it was made so political.

When I lived in Washington, I never knew who was running for Sheriff, let alone what their political affiliation was because that shouldn't impact their role as Sheriff. Alas, when I moved to Arizona back in 2004, that ALL changed! The DNC has been contributing and helping out with Carmona's Senate race, but they can't help out Penzone for Sheriff because it's a "non-partisan" race. Really? I call bullshit on that one! If it's really a "non-partisan" race, then why is each candidate represented by REP/DEM/IND? Arpaio is a crazy old man, who needs to retire. He loves to instill the fear of the unknown into voters, mainly the ones over 65 who live in Sun City and only live in Arizona part-time, but goddammit, those people vote in Arizona and therefore, Arpaio ALWAYS gets re-elected.

A lot of Arpaio's ads this year, of which there are a lot because he has WAY too much money to spend, it tells us to get to know the REAL Joe Arpaio... I'm sorry, haven't you been Sheriff for 8 TERMS?! Shouldn't we already have a pretty good idea as to "who you are" as Sheriff? Take a gander at some of these gems:

The Real Joe?! (aka an angry 80 year old man)

Creepy 'Mos

Tough Enough to Keep Us Safe? Safe from what, exactly?!

And then of course, there's this TASTELESS and DESPERATE ad he's running against Penzone

Now, this is the closest race for Sheriff that Arpaio has ever been involved in and he wouldn't even agree to debate Penzone! One can only hope that enough of the hispanic community gets out the vote on November 6th, because that will make the difference in this election!