As Ice Cube said, "Today was a good day"

I always pride myself on the fact that I live my life based on the sweet lyrics and rhymes of Mister Ice Cube. True story. It never seems to fail that the "Cube" always has a lyric that best describes my day. Of course, today, I went with the best-known lyric from one of the "illest" songs ever, "It Was a Good Day" because it surprisingly was!

It's a big moment in anyone's life when this happens, but I PAID OFF MY CAR TODAY!! The Mini Cooper is ALL MINE! I can't even try to be funny about this because it's just so damn exciting! I have never paid off a car before; I've always just bought a new one when I got bored, so this is HUGE!

I'm pretty sure it only happened because I heart my Mini Cooper so much; I don't think I'll ever be able to drive any other car again... well, except a BMW, but they own MINI, so we're good. :) It's just SO exciting because that's a huge car payment that I don't have to worry about anymore AND I paid it off 8 months early!

It's kind of funny because when I went to go get my cashier's check from my main bank to take to the credit union where I have my car loan, the teller that helped me was also very excited that I was paying off a car. When I got to the credit union to payoff the loan, that teller was pretty excited as well. Apparently, it's a pretty exciting thing to pay off your car. Who knew?!

On top of this FANTASTIC news and saving money each month by not having a car payment, I also got my new insurance today. I went to my favorite local hangout, Walgreens, to update my information and refill my insulin prescription. Of course, since it's health insurance, it wasn't very clear how much my insulin prescription would cost me, but I was hoping it was less than the $75/month I was paying with my old insurance.

I had the pharmacist refill my prescription and when she called me up to pay, I had my fingers and toes crossed, it was only $40! HUZZAH! That's another $35/month I'm saving. I'm a goddamn saving miracle today, which is SUPER good since I really need to payoff my last credit card, but the balance just seems to be growing and growing... I just don't know how that happens.

So, you can see how Mister Cube's lyrics really do just "fit" with my day today, but let's hope that another Cube set of lyrics, "Droppin bombs on ya moms, fuck car alarms" doesn't apply to any days coming up.