Who's Joining This Crazy Train?

Well, the time has come for me to get off my ass (see: sit at my computer all day) and make something of my website. I have this sweet domain and it was only used briefly about 9-10 years ago and then most recently back in 2005-2007 while I was at ASU getting my Bachelor's on and then it sat. So, here we are.

To make up for all of the extra hours that I worked for OneEach before I started gettin' paypas, I had our designer, Sandesh, create a brand new design for my site and move it to the Drupal platform (SUPER FANCY!). I want this site to be awesome, so hopefully I will stick with it this time. :)

This is where all of the Daily Hot Menz Alerters will be posted, this way I have an archive of them all that can be viewed by anyone at anytime. They will still be posted to the book o' faces, but just shared there from here. I will show no shame in the "Watch" postings I make. No movie or TV show will be left out (even though some probably should).

So, stick around, take a look, and have fun! (I also take suggestions).

I may even have guest contributors once a month for each section... who knows?