Blood Creek

Only had this in ye olde Netflix Instant queue for Fassy and Cavill. Sadly, Nazi Fassy was only pretty for about 20 minutes early on in the film, but Cavill was pretty throughout the entire film, even without his accent! So, kudos, moviemakers, kudos.

It was an interesting movie, to say the least. It seemed kind of rushed and undeveloped in terms of actual background/storyline and character development. Yes, I did actually pay attention to something other than Fassy and Cavill, but only sporadically throughout the film. I'm only human.

All in all it was okay. Good for some Cavill lovin' and some Fassy in suit/uniform lovin'.

Although, after seeing this, I strongly believe that someone (BBC, A&E, etc.) should get on a buddy cop show with Fassy and Cavill A-SAP.

Get on this, TV people.