The only reason I had this movie in my Netflix Instant Queue is because the cast included Adam Brody (yes, I still heart Seth Cohen) and Elijah Wood. I'm indifferent to Katie Holmes, but I want to...
Posted: May 27, 2012
I cried. I cried multiple times. To those that know me, you know that is not a common occurence. Me? Crying? Shut yo mouth! But goddammit, I'm pretty sure I'm getting sappy in my old age because I...
Posted: May 26, 2012
McAvoy AND Fassbender?! Sign me up! AMIRITE LADIES?!
Posted: May 26, 2012
I really want a British boyfriend. No, really, I think it would work well for me. I blame this movie for really driving home this fact in my life.
Posted: May 26, 2012
AIR RIGHTS! AIR RIGHTS!This is one of those movies that is so over the top that it's utterly amazing! There's dancing. Singing. Super fast relationships. Home town in a stereotypical midwest setting...
Posted: May 22, 2012


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