Ok, so, confession time... I tend to watch movies based on whether or not there is an attractive gentleman in the cast. I know! I know! It's shocking, but I feel better now that the secret is off my chest. So, obviously, I saw this movie because a certain Fassbender is in it. Yeah, that's about all it had going for it.

It was kind of all over the place and almost seemed slow compared to other movies about ancient warriors that I've seen (which is a lot because they typically have an attractive gentleman, or two, in the cast).

Now, Fassbender was shirtless and bloody throughout a lot of the movie, so it was more than jsut 1 or 2 stars for me. Oh, you don't know how I rate movies with attractive gentlemen? Well, here goes:

1 Star - No accents, no shirtlessness/nudity
2 Stars - Accents (few), no shirtlessness/nudity
3 Stars - Full blown accents, preferably British, Irish, or Scottish; brief lack of shirt
4 Stars - Full blown British, Irish and/or Scottish accents; shirtlessness and/or lack of pants
5 Stars - Well, you don't want to know what constitutes 5 stars... let's just say that very few films merit 5 stars for me on this scale

Anyhoo, for this movie, I would have to say, based on the aforementioned scale, would rate a 4. It wasn't a very good movie, but let's be honest, when it rates a 4 on that scale, it doesn't need to be a good movie.