Croissant Donuts

Yes, these magnificent and glorious bastards do exist! Now, the only place I've ever seen them and had them is from a grocery store here in Arizona, Basha's. Basha's is by far the best grocery store to go to for delicious pastries and desserts. Seriously, they have so many yummy options that you wouldn't think to find at a grocery store. Cherry fritters (my second fave behind the croissant donut), blueberry fritters, charlie brown donuts (vanilla and chocolate dough wrapped together and covered in glaze), and just so many more...

The first time I had these bad boys was when I was still working at a bank and I had to go to another location to fill in for someone; so, I went up to Fountain Hills (very pretty) and Basha's was in the same parking lot as the branch, so I went in to grab some breakfast. I've never really had a strong opinion on croissants, it was kind of a "eh", take 'em or leave 'em kind of relationship. When I saw these babies glowing in the case, I figured, "what the hell? Let's do this!" So, I got 2 to try and sweet lord almighty! THEY MELT IN YOUR MOUTH. SWEET BUTTERY DELICIOUSNESS.

If you ever come to Arizona, you HAVE to go to Basha's and grab as many of these as you can!