The End of the 2012/2013 TV Season

So, I feel like this is a good thing for me to start doing at the end of each network TV season just so you (and I) can really see what I actually stuck with through the entire season and am still planning on watching next season. I have to say, I dumped quite a few shows this season and I didn't really pick up that many either. Such is life, I suppose.

I've noticed that as I keep getting older, I appear to have less patience for shitty telelvision that makes no sense or that I just feel like I'm wasting my time on. Now, I am not one that can easily just stop watching a series before it is completely done, especially when I've watched it from the very beginning. That being said, that did happen with a few shows this year. So, without further adieu, feast your eyes on my original 2012/2013 TV Season Schedule and what's left after the season finales.