Gather Food & Drink

So, during my recent visit to the lovely P-Town, it just happened to be Portland Dining Month, so what do I do with my dear friend, Stacy? Why, we try a new restaurant, of course!

We decided on Gather Food & Drink and it was DELICIOUS! Dining Month includes 3 courses for only $25, so how can you possibly go wrong?!

First Course
Caesar Salad - Seriously, the BEST caesar salad I've, pretty much, ever had! It was giant leaves of lettuce with crispy prosciutto, pecorino, focaccia croutons. AMAZING!

Second Course
St. Helen's Beef Cheeseburger (see image) - with 5 year aged organic cheddar, aioli, applewood smoked bacon all on a ciabatta roll... mmmmm... just typing this makes me want another one! The burger also came with some delicious truffle fries. You know I can't resist some truffle fries!

Third Course
Ice Cream - Coffee, caramel, and hazelnut combo with fresh sliced strawberries. It was the perfect light ending to the fantastic meal!