The League

I didn't watch this show when it first started because I really was watching way too many other things and really didn't need to add to the chaos. I was this last weekend and couldn't decide what I wanted to watch from the vast Netflix Instant queue that I have cultivated, so I decided to watch a TV show. It's quick; there's no long movie without a break; it would be perfect!

Oh man, little did I know, I would end up watching the first 2 seasons in one day and downloading the third season from iTunes because I was HOOKED!

This shit is HI-LARIOUS! Like, seriously funny.

I'm not even into football, but you SO don't need to be. It's like with Friday Night Lights, I didn't watch it at first because I didn't give a shit about football, but it's about so much more than football. The League is the EXACT same way... well, it's not a show in which I will weep through multiple episodes (hint: all 5 seasons). It's just SUPER funny and it's refreshing to have something make you really laugh.