New Fall Shows Part Two

We're pretty much full-blown into the new Fall TV Season, so here are the rest of the new shows that I planned on watching before the new Fall season began, so enjoy and I can't wait to see what the mid-season shows bring! (NOTE: All times listed are Arizona time):

666 Park Avenue (ABC - Sundays 9:00pm)
LOVE. LOVE. LOVE this show! Now, it's no "Revenge" love, but it's dark and campy just the same. Plus, it has pretty hot menz on the show, see: Dave Annable and Robert Buckley. It's also got the awesome Vanessa Williams and Terry O'Quinn aka Locke from LOST. Honestly, this show has an amazing cast!

It's kinda creepy/scary in that whole "old hotel turned ritzy condos with a mysterious past filled with murder and the occasional spirit" way. Now, that main actress, Rachael Taylor, she's ok. She doesn'y annoy me and she's not a terrible actress, but I really think the show needs to focus more on "LOST Locke", Vaness Williams, and Dave Annable.

From the premiere, we know that Dave Annable's character, Henry, serves some greatest purpose being a part of the hotel/building, but I haven't the slightest idea what that is, which I guess is a good thing because it keeps me tuning in every week. I do love me a good mystery.

Overall, I really do like this show and I think it's the PERFECT pairing with Revenge on Sunday nights, so kudos to you ABC, kudos; because of you I now have something to watch on Sundays and I actually watch both of these shows LIVE. I only do that for a select few shows, so you are lucky.


Arrow (The CW - Wednesdays 7:00pm)
So, obviously the show just premiered this past Wednesday (10/10), so I've still got one more episode until I make my final decision (lord, that sounded like I was on Survivor or something), but based on the first episode, I like it. I really do like it. The only interest I really had in this show was because Katie Cassidy is on it and I love her (Gossip Girl, Monte Carlo, Melrose Place, Harper's Island, Supernatural) and the fact that I loved Justin Hartley as Green Arrow on Smallville. Other than that, it was just another show on The CW that I knew I had to at least watch once because those damn shows always seem to suck me in even though I am a goddamn adult!

I was pleasantly surprised by this show! I really wasn't expecting much, but what I got was a pretty good show and the lead actor (Stephen Amell) is a much better actor than Tom Welling was on Smallville. I only know Stephen Amell from a small role he played on The Vampire Diaries, and with that show, there's so much going on, it's very difficult to pay attention to the "extra" characters in an episode. Overall, the premiere episode was really good and I'm anxious to see where it goes from here.

Also, did I forget to mention the fact that little Kaitlin Cooper aka Mini Coop is on the show as well? Well, she is, so this should be interesting.


Chicago Fire (NBC - Wednesdays 9:00pm)
Jesse Spencer from House. Jesse Spencer with the accent from House. Yep. This is one of the two reason why I wanted to watch this show. The other? Taylor Kinney from The Campire Diaries. Taylor Kinney aka Mason Lockwood from The Vampire Diaries. These are both very handsome menz and I would be remiss if I didn't at least give this program a chance. Plus, they're firemen. Let that sink in for a little bit...

Ok, so, it's a little disappointing because Jesse Spencer does not have his accent on the show, but it does come through every once in a while because his American accent is not that great. That being said, the show's premiere was just ok. It is a Dick Wolf production, so I know it will be super dramatic focusing on the characters, their lives, and the different "cases", but the premiere was just kinda "eh". What I did learn from the premiere is that Chicago has a TON of fires and that firemen are people too. Also, Rahm Emanuel guest-starred. Yes, you read that correctly; RAHM. EMANUEL. GEUEST-STARRED. Not gonna lie, I kinda laughed/clapped when he showed up because he just cracks me up!

So, the by the end of the premiere it did get better, so we'll see how next week's episode goes. Plus, Rahm Emanuel guest-starred.


Nashville (ABC - Wednesdays 9:00pm)
I love Connie Britton. I will forever love Connie Britton because of her role as "Mrs. Coach" aka "Tami Taylor" on the greatest television show ever, Friday Night Lights, so, of course, based on this criteria, I was sure as hell planning on tuning into this show. Plus, I enjoy catty and super dramatic shows and this one even includes glitter!

Loved the premiere episode! I like the characters and the beginnings of their stories. There's romance, deceit, drama, sluttiness, forbidden love, threats, politics, and so much more that are going to make this a great show! I can't wait to see what happens with the characters, but especially with Connie Britton's character because there's A TON of backstory there that we haven't even covered yet and I just know it's gonna be juicy!

This show doesn't even need my customary 2-episode viewing because I know I'm going to be watching it all season long!


Beauty and the Beast (The CW - Thursdays 8:00pm)
So, I didn't really plan on including this show in my new Fall TV viewing schedule because I'm not a fan of Kristin Kreuk and the previews didn't help at all either, but, as I mentioned above, since it's The CW, I figured I would give it a shot. Yeah, I may have been correct with my first inclination.

The premiere was kind of all over the place and I didn't really care about any of the characters. Kristin Kreuk's voice just annoyed the shit out of me, as per usual (see: Smallville) and I couldn't seem to get into the storyline. It was kind slow-going and the actor who is playing "the Beast" is not that good and would not qualify for the DHMA, so there's that; shallow, I know, but mama's gotta have some standards if she's gonna watch a CW show. Plus, the "Beast's" appearance is just kind of funny.

That being said, I will still give it my usual 2-episode courtesy, but I have a feeling the next episode won't all of a sudden be action-packed.