Pitch Perfect

Delightful. Enoyable. Fun. Pure joy. Honestly, this movie was WAY better than I was anticipating! I knew I would like it, but I didn't realize just how much!

It looked funny and entertaining and there were a capella versions of today's biggest chart-topping hits, so, of course, I wanted to see it. Because, seriously, who doesn't love a good a capella version of a chart-topping hit? I know I sure do.

I was PLEASANTLY surprised by just how lovely this movie was and how much fun the sweet musical numbers were. As I am prone to do, when there is a new male actor that plays an adorable a capella singer in a movie, I just HAVE to IMDB that fool to see what else he has been in; and so began the search for Skylar Astin aka "Jesse". He was just adorable in this movie. Unfortunately, he hasn't been in many movies or TV shows, so I have nothing to stalk him with, but he was just too adorable in this movie.

No joke though, this movie is fantastic and if you haven't seen, you need to get on that A-SAP! I own it now (bought on iTunes RIGHT after I was done watching it), so if you're up for a movie night, let's do this!