Seven Psychopaths

Ok, so I wanted to see this movie back when I first heard about it because I love everyone in the cast, but I just never got around to seeing it and, unfortunately, it wasn't in theatres for very long, which is a goddamn shame. This movie is absolutely amazing and hilarious and awesome and I loved every damn second of it!

We all know I have a great love of Colin Farrell and Colin Farrell's accent, well, he had his accent in this movie! That never happens, so it brought a whole other level of fantastic to this movie.

Sam Rockwell is Sam Rockwell. I love this man and everything he does. He does psychopath very well and is extremely funny and charming while doing it. Plus, he bonds with an adorable shih tzu.

The one-liners that Sam Rockwell has in this movie are fantastically hilarious.

"You can't let the animals die in a movie... only the women."

"Gandhi was wrong, it's just that nobody's got the balls to come right out and say it."

Woody Harrelson is, of course, amazing in this movie. His love for his adorable shih tzu leads to murder and mayhem and it's great!

Christopher Walken is a sassy old man with a surprising background, which I won't share because it's a bit of a spoiler for the movie. :)

If you couldn't already tell, I LOVED this movie! I want to watch it again and again and just enjoy all that is the cast and Sam Rockwell... I think I'm gonna go watch it right now...