Texas Killing Fields

This was a very interesting movie. I originally wanted to see it because Jeffrey Dean Morgan was in it and I love him, but it was actually pretty good.

Since it was never actually released in theatres, I happened to stumble upon it on Encore, so I DVR'd it and decided to watch it.

JDM has an AMAZING voice. If you enjoy a nice, deep, rough voice, then JDM is the man for you and you should see this movie (and watch "Supernatural").

This movie is based on actual events, so you've already got my attention because we all know how much I LOVE "The First 48" and "Lockup". I did like this movie; it held my attention for the full hour and 45 minutes, which isn't easy to do when I can also be multi-tasking by playing solitaire on my phone and checking out the book o' faces.

Now, this movie is not without it's faults (random, undeveloped plotlines, not a lot of background on the characters to make you actual care about them), but the actors did a really good job with what they had to work with, so for that I will say, I enjoyed this movie and I would recommend it.