True Blood

IT'S BACK! HOORAY! Each season, it just seems like it's longer and longer and longer before the next season starts! Thankfully, season 5 of True Blood has started and it picks up exactly where we left off at the end of last season... Tara saving Sookie's ass and taking a bullet to the head.

Now, I'm kinda indifferent to both of those fools (just give me Eric, Pam, Lafayette, Jason and I'm a happy camper), but Tara is SO a better friend than Sookie!

Anywho, I feel so bad for Lafayette because first he had to stab Jesus and then his cousin is shot by a crazy werewolf lady! Can't this poor man just go back to cooking and saying hilarious lines? Granted, he did have some doozies last night, but he just looks so over it all. Poor Lala.

More to come as I collect my thoughts...