The Vampire Diaries 4x19

Bon Bon kicked Elena's ass and it was glorious! Klaus got Caroline a beautiful prom dress because he cares. Elena still fucking sucks. Matty won Prom King as he is the only one that actually goes to class and is actually human. Caroline and Damon bonded over the fact that Elena fucking sucks. Stefan started out sassy and that quickly dwindled as the episode went on. Silas appeared as Stefan, Damon, Jeremy, and Rebekah and then finally as himself. All in all, another what the fuck kind of episode, but it's what I've come to expect from this season. I'm excited for next week's episode though because it's the backdoor pilot for the potential spinoff with the Originals; sexy, sexy menz (see below).



Also, side note: Klaus and Caroline are totes married.

“You know you have him wrapped around your little finger, right?” Stefan Salvatore, as usual, calling it like it is

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